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About The Doyle Group

About The Doyle Group

Based at Harvard University, the Doyle group is comprised of a diverse group of researchers, coming from backgrounds such as computer science, biology, and chemical engineering. Contact us to inquire about open positions.

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Recent Publications

Functional network inference of the suprachiasmatic nucleus

J.H. Abel, K. Meeker, D. Granados-Fuentes, P.C. St. John, T.J. Wang, B.B. Bales, F.J. Doyle III, E.D. Herzog, L.R. Petzold. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Apr 2016. [DOI]

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Adjustment of open-loop settings to improve closed-loop results in type 1 diabetes: a multicenter randomized trial

E. Dassau, S.A. Brown, A. Basu, J.E. Pinsker, Y.C. Kudva, R. Gondhalekar, S. Patek, D. Lv, M. Schiavon, J.B. Lee, C.D. Man, L. Hinshaw, K. Castorino, A. Mallad, V. Dadlani, S.K. McCrady-Spitzer, M. McElwee-Malloy, C.A. Wakeman, W.C. Bevier, P.K. Bradley, B. Kovatchev, C. Cobelli, H.C. Zisser, F.J. Doyle III, “Adjustment of open-loop settings to improve […]

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A Coupled Stochastic Model Explains Differences in Cry Knockout Behavior

J.H. Abel, L.A. Widmer, P.C. St. John, J. Stelling, and F.J. Doyle III, “,” IEEE Life Sciences Letters, Jun 2015. [DOI]

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